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Secrets-Faith and Nikki Thursday Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 14-Dec-2017 7:43:35 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Nikki is forced to come clean; Faith tattles on Scott and Abby; Hilary embarks on a fresh start.

The bid for Chancellor Park has been awarded-neither Victor nor Devon won. Who do you think did?

Sharon turned off Scott's alarm so he couldn't sneak out early. It's time for them to talk. Before they can, they're joined by Mariah and Faith hungry for pancakes. Afterwards, Scott cleans up. Mariah compliments him and Faith leaves. Nick comes over to get ready for the save the park rally. He asks Mariah how things are going with Scott after Faith goes outside. She says she's walked in on some stuff she'd wished she never saw. He's mostly interested in how Faith is doing. She said Faith was fine until the last few days.

Vic tells Nikki that Victor's audit was OK except for a transfer to a personal account. She later talks to Billy and says he can bring Phyllis if he comes over to see the kids. They decides they're friends again.

Hilary meets with Jack to share her story ideas. Jack likes the updated approach. She tells him about the Cane interview. He says he's the competion. They discuss how Cane has redeemed himself. Didn't seem like Hilary was taking enough responsibility for sending his life spiraling by encouraging Juliet to claim harassment. Later after she compliments him for his care of Dina, he invites her to spend Christmas with them. She takes a call from Mariah who says Nick has become quite a local activist.

Sharon and Scott talk later at CL. He still is avoiding it. He tells her they need to talk elsewhere-too many distractions as he pulls her outside. Jack enters to buy a pastry and finds Nikki alone at a table. She tells him she did something impulsively but won't tell him because it's for his own good. He tells her she needs to talk to someone she can trust. She later tells Victoria. She stole from Victor and moves funds to an off-shore account.

Later when Scott and Sharon talk, he says he was caught off-guard when she said she loved him. He tells her he had to make a decision and he wants them. He tells her he loves her.

Faith and Mariah are at dinner and Mariah wants her to tell what's bothering her. She admits she ran off to the park. She said she saw Abby and Scott kissing.

Comments greatly appreciated-feel free to give a grade for today's show.

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