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Nick to Expose Cheating"Dog" Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 02-Jan-2018 3:15:07 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Nick confronts Abby; Jill calls the shots; JT worries about Billy's influence over Reed.

We open with Billy downing either tomato juice or a Bloody Mary. JT enters and blames Billy's influence for Reed's arrest. They continue bantering and Billy notices Jill and hides. She spots him anyway. She realizes she wants him involved with Chancellor.

Jill and Cane talk as she is ready to leave. He's glad she decided not to sell Chancellor but complains about her matchmaking with Lily. He tells her Lily doesn't want that.

Abby and Lily are at Crimson Lights and go to the patio. Lily wonders if it's awkward with Sharon and Abby says not to worry. Lily tells her about the party of two Jill arranged. She says Cane didn't seem interested.

Nick complains to Chelsea about Scott and Abby. Chelsea says he doesn't have enough info. He asks if he was the cheating dog, and she says she would want to know. Later Nick shows up at CL. He spots Abby and goes to talk to her. He beats around the bush but finally confronts her. He wonders how she can do this to Sharon. She points out his cheating on Sharon. He thinks Sharon needs to know everything. He says he'll keep her name out of it.

JT stops to talk to Lily. They discuss their mutual marriage breakups. Lily offers to see if Cane can find him a job. After he leaves, Jill shows up to badger Lily to get back together with Cane. She misses a call from Cane while listening to Jill. She goes to see Cane and JT shows up at the same time. Cane assumes she's here to help JT get a job. She takes her scarf and leaves. Billy shows up and says he's sharing the CEO position with him.

Nick knocks on Sharon's door and when she answers, he says he has something to tell her about Scott.

Comments greatly appreciated-feel free to give a grade for today's show.

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