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The Whole Truth and Nothing But Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 03-Jan-2018 6:34:23 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Sharon retaliates against Scott and Abby; Jack's efforts to help Dina backfire; trouble returns to Genoa City.

Nick and Sharon talk with Nick being reluctant. He tells Sharon he saw Scott kiss another woman. Sharon has a hard time believing it since he won't give specifics.

Scott enters CL and doesn't see Sharon so asks about her. She hasn't come in yet.

After Sharon has a restless night, she talks to Mariah who tells her it was Abby who was kissed. Sharon wonders why Mariah didn't tell her and she says she confronted him and he said it was a one time thing. Sharon wonders if she was afraid she'd have a breakdown but Mariah says that never crossed her mind. Scott arrives home and Mariah leaves. She says she knows about him and Abby. He tells her they also had sex in the locker. She somewhat blames herself for pushing him into something he wasn't ready for. He says none of it was her fault. It was a momentary lapse because of PTS. She says if that were true, he still wouldn't be kissing her. She dumps oatmeal on him.

Meanwhile Lily and Abby are talking and she's relieved she hasn't heard anything yet about Sharon being told.

A nurse departs the Abbott home being scared off by Dina. She only wants Jack or Graham to take care of her. Jack takes her to work where she insults Lauren for being like her mother. Jack has a driver take her home where Mrs. Martinez will watch her till she gets home. Dina has other plans and instructs the driver to make a stop.

Sharon arrives at work and is tearful where Mariah sees her. Mariah is shocked that he slept with Abby and says she's there for Sharon.

Nick has a meeting so Chelsea watches both boys and takes them to a business meeting with Lauren at the AC. Abby is also there and gets a call from Scott but she doesn't pick up. Sharon enters and Chelsea notes she looks upset. Lauren hopes Scott has dumped her. Sharon approaches her and Abby says her phone is dead. Sharon says she knows everything and calls her a spoiled bitch. Abby says she's crazy and everyone knows it. She calls Sharon a baby stealer and Sharon slaps her. She slaps back. Graham is seen observing the ruckus.

Jack calls home and learns Dina returned home.

Scott comes into the AC and Lauren grills him and he tells her he wants to talk to Sharon.

Christian has disappeared while Chelsea and Lauren were watching the fireworks. No one has seen him.

Comments greatly appreciated-feel free to give the show a grade or grades.

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