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"I Presume the Back Half" Thursday Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 04-Jan-2018 7:25:47 PM PST
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Today's Preview: A crisis divides Chelsea and Nick; Scott asks Sharon for forgiveness; Jack and Ashley reach an understanding.

We open with everyone searching for Christian. Strangely no one saw him disappear. Nick wants Chelsea to stay put in case he comes back to where they were.

Ashley has hired an attorney named Tony-Michael thinks he's a sleaze. Ashley says she only cares about his winning record. She found him because he co-owns a horse with Billy. Michael presumes the back half. When Ashley meets with Tony, he looks at the family Faberge eggs and other valuables. Ashley calls him on it and he said he's just trying to understand the family dynamics. While Jack and Michael discuss Ashley's attorney, Dina enters and thinks Micheal is Phillip Chancellor. She asks for two cups of cocoa be brought to her room. The attorneys and Abbotts meet and discuss arbitration. In the meantime, Dina doesn't have cocoa so yells from her room. Jack delivers it and leaves. Dina yells for little "Jackie" and Christian crawls out from under the bed.

Lauren complains to Abby about her cheating with her son. Good to see her yip at someone other than Sharon. Abby gets mad and leaves to look for Christian. Scott says it's not Abby's fault. Sharon's crying about Christian and Chelsea helps her open a bottle of Perrier. Sharon feels guilty about keeping him from Nick. Chelsea looks guilty.

Dina comes downstairs with a broken cup and insists Jack talk to little Jackie about his behavior. Christian comes out in the hallway and Ashley and Jack spot him.

Nick and Chelsea fight over Christian's disappearance and Nick thinks it wouldn't have happened if she hadn't been rubbernecking Abby and Sharon which was none of her business. Nick gets a call from Jack and tries to put him off. Jack says he's going to want to hear this.

Chelsea and Nick arrive at the Abbott house and wait while Jack agrees to have a talk with Jackie but then hands him to Nick. Later Nick and Chelsea are talking and he recalls losing Cassie and says he can't lose another kid.

Sharon is delivering Scott's clothes to Abby when he catches up with her and proposes. She throws the ring on the ground and Abby opens the door on them.

Comments greatly appreciated-feel free to give the show a grade or grades.

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