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Monday, "Last week we were estranged, this week we kissed!" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 08-Jan-2018 5:29:48 PM PST
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"Please donít go!" Cane

What should Lily do? Should she stay in town, so she and Cane can save their marriage? Or should she take advantage of this business opportunity and go to Paris? Is it better for her, to continue to take things slow with Cane? Or it is better than they divorce? What are your thought about Lane?
Welcome back from the weekend. Hope it was good for you. Let's start our first full week of Y&R of 2018.
Monday recap here [link]
Do you believe Abby when she told Ashley that her and Scott are over? Or do you not care? Are you looking forward to having a break from Abby when she goes to Paris?

Graham arrives with a police officer and a court order for Dina to be released in his care. Jack and Ashley refuses. A very upset Traci pleads for Graham to reconsider, but fails. She calls Paul, but he can't do anything. Dina give her children emotional goodbye's. Jack yells the Graham that they will everything they had. Jack and Ashley later agree to put their differences aside at Jabot, because their mother comes first. I'm glad later that J.T. and Victoria witnessed Graham manhandling Dina(after she got upset, he was putting her in a home). Horrible how he abused her. JT is right when he said that Graham is creepy. Will their testimonies help the Abbotts prove in court that Graham is out to harm Dina? Or do they need more more evidence?

Scott asks Lauren for 3 million, in order to buy Hashtag. She turns him down, because she knows that he wants to leave Newman, because he wants Abby in his life. Ugh. Do you believe Scott, who also claims, "it's over with Abby"?

Did you like the Cane/Charlie scenes?

Do you think that they are going to pair Victoria with J.T. again, now that Mac served him divorce papers?
So what are your thoughts about today's episode?? Feel free to give any grades for it. Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated.


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