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TGIF, "How Could a Lie Feel So True?" Free For All Post.

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Date: Fri, 19-Jan-2018 4:27:02 PM PST
Where: Young and the Restless Message Board
You thieving bitch! Those are my words. Mine, not yours. You stole my journal, and help yourself to it. I hope you rot in hell for this.

Bravo Mariah, for blasting that thief Tessa for stealing her journal and plagiarizing her words. Do you hope that Devon will do the right thing and release that song?
Is Victoria making a mistake, asking J.T. to move in her, so soon? Are they doomed to repeat their past mistakes?

What do you think about Cane expecting Lily to raise Sam? Should have had brought in the Nanny in, to make things easier for her?
So what are your thoughts about Friday's episode? Feel free to give a grade for it. Comments are very much appreciated.

Have a great weekend


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