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Blind Date Blues Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 23-Jan-2018 2:16:00 PM PST
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Today's Preview: JT and Victoria present a united front to Victor; Billy offers Chelsea advice; Phyllis plays matchmaker for Hilary.

We open with Nick and Chelsea getting busy-BLEAH! Nick gets called away with a plumbing problem in the housing unit he and Nikki purchased. 2nd bad couple alert-Billy and Chelsea. She rejects his plans for the evening because she's set Hilary up with Ravi. Billy thinks the date will be a dud and they bet $200. When Ravi arrives, Hilary is impressed by Ravi's intelligence. She asks about his family and is glad to hear both parents have great careers and quizzes him about health. Billy keeps trying to tank their date....first inviting Devon to join them and then wanting to invite Chelsea. Phyllis nabs Billy and threatens to withhold sex if he doesn't stop it. Billy goes and talks to Chelsea separately.

Next up....JT and Vic. Reed has missed his appointment. JT confronts him at Crimson Lights. Sharon is listening and offers advice.

Tessa tries to convince Mariah she didn't steal her words. Finally she admits she read the journal but not for the purpose of plagiarizing. She said she just wanted to know what Mariah was thinking. Liar! Also, why would Devon and Noah believe Tessa over Mariah?

Nick stops by Crimson Lights. Nick orders coffee and ham sandwiches for his crew. He thanks Sharon for taking in Kathy and her family and inspiring him to get involved.

Phyllis and Hilary leave for the bathroom and to discuss Ravi. Hilary is impressed but says there's no heat. That doesn't stop any of the other forced pairings on this show. Billy talks to Ravi while they're gone. He wonders if Ravi is responsible for turning him in for the security breach at Jabot. Ravi said his conscience is clear. When the women returns, Phyllis is gloating about her matchmaking. Billy asks Ravi if he wants children because Hilary does right away. Ravi chokes on his drink. When they're alone, Ravi tells Hilary they're at different places and wishes her well.

Reed is home with Vic and JT and explains why he missed community service. They tell him they're back together. Before they can get into it, the doorbell rings. It's Victor and Nikki. They discuss punishment for Reed. JT and Vic want him to move back with them. Nikki thinks it's a bad idea. They just got back together. Vic says they're in no place to judge with all their breakups and reunions. Both sides are right.

Mariah stops by CL to talk to her mother. Sharon is very sympathetic and unlike others, believes her. Later Mariah talks to Devon and she learns that Tessa came to talk to her at his instigation. She shows him her journal. He still wants to work it but Mariah says she'll sue.

Tessa goes to Crimson Light and Sharon confronts her on behalf of both Mariah and Noah. Tessa says she's committed to Noah. Sharon says she's keeping an eye on her.

Hilary stops by to talk to Billy and a PO'd Phyllis. She's said she's glad the date didn't work out because she realizes she wants a child not a man.

Comments and/or grades appreciated.

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