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Monday, "I will not stand by and let that woman deceive him!" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 12-Feb-2018 8:03:10 PM PST
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I need to keep digging for real proof. Once I am done with little Ms. Chelsea. Nick will be too. Phyllis

Do you want Phyllis to bring Chelsea down? Or will Chelsea skip town before she has a chance? What are your thoughts on the situation?

Welcome back from the weekend. Hope it was good for you. Let's start our new week of Y&R.
Monday recap here [link]

My favorite moment of the day, was when Traci, J.T. and Jack, remembered Colleen(Traci's daughter). BTW, Colleen's birthday is March, not February. The writers got that wrong. Did you enjoy their scenes? Do you think that J.T. has never got over Colleen?

Victoria gets upset when J.T. hangs up on her after informing her that he is with Traci, because it's Colleen's birthday. She didn't like him keeping that from her. It was good she wanted to discuss the problem with him, because she didn't want history repeating itself. I did love when J.T. pointed out that it was Victor, who brought Patty to town, which lead to Colleen's death. They fight, then J. T. angrily rants that he is her rebound after Billy. She assures him, that's not true and she wants things to work with them. I found it interesting when he said, that it would kill him, if he lost her. What do you think, he meant by that?

Victor threatens Chelsea that if he "learns" she’s back to her duplicitous ways, her life with Nicholas and Adam's sons will be over and he’ll see to it that she gets life in prison. What do you think of TGVN returning the money to Lauren and telling her not ask any questions?(The guilty party won't do it again). But Phyllis knows now Victor is involved and determined to bust Chelsea.

What do you think of Jack hiring a new chemist for Jabot and paying her money than Ashley received?
So what are your thoughts about today's episode?? Feel free to give any grades for it. Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated.


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