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"All of Them" Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 14-Feb-2018 6:55:15 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Victor and Nikki keep up appearances; Billy plans a romantic surprise; Cane and Lily renew their wedding vows.

Recaps here:

We open with a collage of four couples: Billy and Phyllis, JT and Vic, Chelsea(looking at Nick's picture) and Cane getting ready for his wedding to Lily.

Billy and Phyllis jabber off and on about "surprises" they have for each other. I'm sure it will turn out to be nothing.

Lily stops to see Chelsea about which wedding dress to wear-Dru's dress or hers. Chelsea suggests she wear part of both of them. She will make a design for her incorporating both.

JT and Vic are out on the town as are Billy and Phyllis. The couples meet up and exchange pleasantries. Hilary arrives and JT and Vic take off. When Phyllis leaves, Billy tells Hilary he has a surprise for Phyllis. I imagine we'll be hearing this all night. Billy also takes off and Devon approaches Hilary and asks her to save a dance. Later Billy tells Vic that she and JT seem to be moving forward. He's rather cautious about it. Hilary and Phyllis talk and Phyllis suggests Devon and Hil make a baby the old fashioned way. Hilary says they had a bad breakup and asks how many ex's she re-married. "All of them," she says. Did she remarry Danny? Poor guy.

Lily asks Chelsea about raising Sage's son. She tells her that she wants to make the best life for him she can. Doesn't mention that it's Adam's son.

Lily and Cane talk to their children about their vow renewal. They have a beautiful small ceremony with their kids serving as attendants.

Victor and Nikki arrive at the gala and dance. JT tells Vic he doesn't know how Nikki puts up with it.

Devon's new artist sings as his new artist Simone performs as he dances with Hilary. He tells Hilary they came together. She wonders if they came as dates or friends. He says they've been seeing each other.

More Phyllis-Billy yap about the "surprise." Bleah! Billy rates a bunch of people at the event mentioning JT and Victor. I think Phyllis is well-acquainted with both of them from having been married to Nick. After Phyllis leaves, he dances with Vic and discusses the "surprise." Vic says Phyllis is proposing.

Nick and Chelsea arrive and spy Phyllis. Nick offers to go elsewhere but Chelsea says no. She says she wants to confess something and blames Jordan for creating the website.

There is an announcement about someone wanting to propose. Of course it's some rando couple and not Phyllis or Billy. He got her a key to a new sports car. And she got him a watch.

When JT and Vic arrive home, he's mad she spent so much time with Billy and Victor. He leaves.

Comments and/or grades appreciated.

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