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Monday, "Now itís time for us to beat Victor at his own game!" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 19-Mar-2018 5:59:25 PM PDT
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I think tomorrow could change everything for us. J.T

Like Victor winning the game of chess by declaring checkmate on J.T. This is twice that Victor has caught him in his offices. J.T. is acting more a like an amateur detective than a pro. I'm sure Victor has cameras in his room. And he probably figured out what J.T. is up to, (breaking into his safe for evidence). Who knows, he could have set him up. What do you think?
Welcome back, after our short hiatus from Y&R. Let's start our new full week.
Monday recap here [link]
Did you enjoy Victor teaching Reed chess today?

What do you think of J.T. encouraging Victoria to stay at Newman, because she is Victor's heir not Ashley? Or did he manipulate her, in order to keep spying at Newman?

Y&R set up next week's 45th Anniversary celebration by sending an invitation to J.T., Billy and Lily. Are you looking forward to seeing the special episodes next week?

Y&R had some fun today when Lily told Billy, she was having topless models. Turned out to be shirtless guys. Not what he was expecting LOL. Did you enjoy the scenes with Lily/Billy and twins?

Do you think Phyllis needs to stay of Nick's personal life, especially when it comes to Sharon?

Arturo feels like gigolo for Nikki more than lover. What do you think? The Y&R writers haven't really developed Arturo much, he feels like more a day player than her lover. Nikki has been pretty stupid by having her affair at AC, where everybody could find out(like Phyllis and Nick already have). I'm pretty sure Victor will be furious when he finds out, despite their "marriage agreement". How long before Nick loses it and goes after Arturo?
So what are your thoughts about today's episode?? Feel free to give any grades for it. Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated.


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