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Date: Tue, 20-Mar-2018 8:43:28 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Nick questions Arturo's motives; Abby takes on a new project; Lily is out for revenge.

Recaps here:

Vic is not excited for dinner with Victor but JT presses her. Intends to continue spying? Nikki's not happy with Victor's memo to employees demoting Vic. She asks him to think about sending it. In the meantime, he notices she looks happy but she doesn't share her Arturo tension release formula with Victor.

Abby tells Lily she's going to be collecting memories for Dina and she'll be interviewing her. Lily offers Charlie's service for videographing. Later Abby interviews Dina and she talks about her high school days. She talks about Kay Shepherd(later Mrs. C I presume) and Stuart Brooks. Later she talks about her wedding to John and mentions a hail strorm. Abby assumes she's mistaken but Charlie looks up the date and it turns out there was a freak hail storm that date.

Sharon learns about Arturo and Nikki from Nick and is amused about it. Nick isn't. He later has a tense lunch with him. Sharon watches them and Mariah notices they're both sending vibes beyond just friends. In the meantime, Nick tells Arturo he saw him kissing his mom. Arturo says Nikki's incredible. Afterward Nick calls Nikki and wants to see her at Sharon's. When she leaves, JT takes the opportunity to suggest that Victor and Vic go see the horses. JT then tells Reed he has calls to make and goes to Victor's office.

Nikki is livid that Nick talked to Arturo and said she has to put up with him living with Sharon. She leaves. Sharon returns and is not happy that Nick confronted Arturo. She says Nick will eventually want his own space. He said he's not in a hurry.

Lily rips into Hilary about her baby plans with Devon. She says he wants a family. Hilary is mad and leaves for her appointment. Lily poses as Hilary's assistant and calls and cancels the appointment.

When Nikki returns, JT greets everyone with snacks for the kids. It appears Victor is none the wiser until we see him looking at surveillance tape in his office.

Comments and/or grades appreciated.

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