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TGIF, "Itís time for you to pay for your past sins, Victor!" Free For All Post.

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Date: Fri, 23-Mar-2018 5:30:10 PM PDT
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You lost because you are a loser Victor

One hell of a cliffhangers as J.T. and Victor's intense fight came to a violent end. Quite shocking J.T. pushed Victor down the stairs! Was it self defense or deliberate? Very priceless shocked look on TGVN's face at that moment. Great camera work, and choreographing. Kudos to E.B. and T.L for giving such a powerful performance today! Will Jack be blamed for attacking Victor?

If you missed the today's dramatic final scene(due to Trump) check it out here [link]
Friday recap here. [link]
Another big moment today was Sharon and Nick kissing. Is it too soon? Did you enjoy it?

Dina dropped another bombshell to Abby that Jack isn't John's biological son. What do you think about that? As for me, I don't believe that nonsense, due to Dina not being in her right mind. You can't trust anything she says.
So what are your thoughts about Friday's episode? Feel free to give a grade for it. Comments are very much appreciated.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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