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Monday, "Happy 45th Anniversary, Y&R!" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 26-Mar-2018 6:04:11 PM PDT
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On March 26, 1973, The Young and The Restless premiered as a half hour episode. Today we honor the legacy of our beloved creators the late William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell, who created this wonderful daytime show for CBS. This week have 5 special episodes to celebrate the 45th Anniversary.

Our executive producer, Mal Young tweeted today,

"A show doesn’t get to celebrate 45 amazing years on air without the best writers, actors, crew and creatives... and of course our amazing FANS! #YR45 #iconic"
On to today's episode. Monday's recap here [link]
Abby is convinced that Dina is telling the truth that Jack isn't John's biological son. Ashley believes it's trick of Dina's mind. What do you think?

Well, I was shocked that Nick use his head and pulled away from Sharon, as they were kissing. Sharon agrees they both got carried away, and wonders if there is something between them still. Nick agrees that there is, but this isn't the time to pursue it. He wants to focus on Christian right now. Looks like he is moving out, good. Are you glad that the writers won't be rushing into a Sharon and Nick pairing right now?

What did you think about J.T. grabbing the envelope and leaving Victor on the floor unconscious? Soon after, a drunk Jack arrives, find the door open and Victor still lying at the bottom of the stairs. He is about to call 911, when decides to put on a gloves and do a search in TVGN's office. Stupid move on his part. But he pockets a hard drive, an interesting document, and a gadget from the drawer. Obstruction of justice there. Jack started to repeat history by walking over Victor's body. But he proved again, he has a conscience by calling 911. He later lies to Paul about what happened when he found him. How long before Jack becomes the number 1 suspect? BTW, why hasn't Paul never ever consider that his secret agent J.T, trying to find info on TGVN, is the guilty party?

Well, Jack and Paul can't reach Nikki because she is having sex with Arturo. But poor Nick knows, and has to drag her out of bed, ugh. Slap to her lover wanting to come with her to the hospital. Now Nikki is all weepy about her husband, as expected. And Hilary announces that Victor is in a coma and in critical condition. But we all know, he will recover, in time. How long before Nikki and Victor are reunited as a real couple again?
So what are your thoughts about today's episode?? Feel free to give any grades for it. Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated.


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