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“You were smart to get into bed with that one!" Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 27-Mar-2018 7:43:42 PM PDT
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Jack to Nikki about Arturo-he has no idea she literally got into bed with him.

Recaps here:

It was good to see the Brooks girls show up for the Centennial. The woman playing Leslie didn't look familiar to me and it turns out she was the original Leslie-the one I remember was Victoria Mallory who died a few years back. Also did not remember that Jill was married to Stuart Brooks. It was a pretty brief marriage and I think all of his daughters were out of the home by then so not sure she was as terrible as they said. I wish they would have done a little catch up-Leslie had a son who Lori got custody of during the time they left the show.

Jill is also upset about Nikki's plans for the park until she visits the hospital where everyone was keeping vigil for Victor. Nikki is able to reassure her.

Sharon and Nick are at the hospital together and he tells her he's always conflicted about Victor.

Christine and Paul look at security footage and wonder about Jack drinking. Wonder why JT didn't show up in the footage or did he block it? Jack is concerned about what Kyle is up to with Victor.

Dina wants to Abby to take her to the Starlight Inn where she had the affair with Jack's father. She still has the room key which of course doesn't work. At one point she refers to the mystery man as Graham.

Ashley and Vic clash about who is running NE in Victor's absence. Ashley assumes she is since Victor assured her that Vic would report to her. Vic said nothing's in writing and if Ashley takes it to the board, she'd be going against a Newman.

Comments and/or grades appreciated.

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