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Reunion Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 28-Mar-2018 9:28:55 PM PDT
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Recaps here:

So apparently Victor planted false evidence for JT and Paul let him know. JT asked for a fed job but Paul thought since he didn't successfully complete this one, he wouldn't be getting another.

Today some more characters were featured. Raul,Britany and Mac showed up. Raul was gone when I started watching again but remember Britany and of course Mac. Raul and Britany ran into each other in New York and started seeing each other and are now married and Raul adopted her son. It was rather funny when they met up with Billy and assumed Phyllis had just wandered into the conversation. Billy had to tell them that they were together.

Vic talks Nikki into keeping quiet about her demotion while Vic is still unable to speak.

JT shows up at the reunion and re-connects with Raul and Britany and ends up arguing with Mac who doesn't want to discuss it in public. Later Vic arrives as Mac is telling JT about how controlling he is.

Ashley and Abby talk to Jill about Dina's affairs to see if she can recall any of the men. She really can't but later shares it with Jack who is livid.

The episode ends with a male figure entering Victor's room but we only see his pants and shoes.

Comments and/or grades appreciated.

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