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Monday, "An attempt was made on your father`s life!" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 09-Apr-2018 7:54:28 PM PDT
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Dad is awake. Victoria

We learn from Nikki that Victor had a minor stroke, and can't speak. He stares at J.T, who turned off his life support. Hopefully, Jack will be released now, because he was in jail, when all this happened. Then he can stop Kyle at Jabot. Will J.T be caught soon, as the culprit? Will he try to flee town to avoid capture? Or is his time up soon? Do you find it out of character for J.T to try to kill Victor?

Welcome back from the weekend! Hope it was good one for you. Let's start the new week of Y&R.
Devon wasn't a happy camper that it wasn't Hilary's place to tell Simone about the baby making and made sure she knew they had sex. He can't trust her. Unless she is already pregnant, the deal's off. How will Devon get out of the contract, that he signed with her? Will Hilary sue him for breaking it?

Very good scenes with Victoria and Sharon. I liked Sharon telling her that it took her 2 decades to realize not to center herself around a man. Suggested volunteering and regular therapy would be good for her. It was kind of sad that Victoria admitted that she had no friends. It was very nice of Sharon to offer to throw to throw her a girls’ get together one night. Did you enjoy their scenes?

J.T. and Victoria break the news to Reed that they engaged. He is cool with that, but thinks that marriage is outdated. Victoria hopes that her father can attend the wedding(which I think will never happened) She gets the call that something happened to TGVN.

I thought it was rude of Nick to cancel plans with Sharon, by leaving with Phyllis to video chat with Snowflake(Summer) Agree/Disagree? Later, Billy is ticked that Phyllis invited Nick to play video games and drink beer. Later Sharon arrives, telling Nick that Nikki is frantic trying to get a hold of him. Nick's phone was on vibrate. He takes off to go to the hospital. Sharon points out that she was going to make meatloaf for dinner. Phyllis retorts that Nick needed a break. He smiled and laughed. All the meatloaf in the world, couldn't have provided that, what she just did. What do you think about Phyllis and Sharon fighting over Nick again?
So what are your thoughts about today's episode?? Feel free to give any grades for it. Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated.


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