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Monday, "J.T. is upstairs and he is dead!" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 16-Apr-2018 5:51:58 PM PDT
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Exactly, thatís why we need to get rid of the body. Phyllis

Can Nikki hit her with fire poker next? Sheesh, that woman never shut up! None of the women should have listen to Phyllis and called the police right away. Now, the situation is worse because they all lied to Paul. All the woman, need to remember that Victor has three witnesses seeing her by attacked by J.T. Nikki was only trying to stop him. Sharon was the only one, with common sense, who want to do the right thing by wanting to tell Paul the truth. I hope she doesn't listen to Phyllis and does it. If not, those four will be guilty of obstruction of justice. It was hard to believe that Nikki killed J.T with the fire poker. I could see him having a concussion, that's it. Unless, he had a heart attack(due to his bad heart). Could he still be alive? Or do you think he is truly dead?

Welcome back from the weekend. Hope it was great for you. Let's start our new week of Y&R.
Monday recap here [link]
At GCPD, Paul and Christine get the lab results that they found a match for the blood. It was J.T. Nice to see Paul finally being written smart today as he figured out that Victor found out they were investing him. And J.T has been bitter and resentful since coming back to town. And being NE security, he could get into the ranch without been seen. And probably lied about his timing about being there. Chris realized that the prime suspect went from Jack to J.T. Finally, now go release Jack!

Nick was quite clueless today as Victor spelt it out for him on his smart phone that J.T was the culprit, as a tear rolls down his cheek. Instead he think that J.T has information on the culprit(ugh), which agitates his father. Victor is distress as Nick is about to leave, he finally manages to speak., "J.T. did this to me" Nick is stunned. Eric Braeden gave an outstanding performance today as a believable stroke patient. Bravo. Afterwards, Nick has passed the information to Paul, who has issued an arrest for J.T for attempted murder of Victor. Did you enjoy the Nick/Victor scenes?

So what are your thoughts about today's episode?? Feel free to give any grades for it. Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated.


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