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TGIF, "He is just a fool as always!" Free For All Post.

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Date: Fri, 20-Apr-2018 4:10:50 PM PDT
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I will fight you if you come after my company. I will destroy if you come after son. Kyle, is and will always be a Abbott. Are we clear? Jack.

Useless threats, IMO. Once again, Jack never learns that he will never win against TGVN!(sigh) Meanwhile, a sneaky Kyle takes the incriminating memory card out of the fireplace. Foolish Abby, she should taken a hammer to it. So how long will before Kyle figures out that he and his Dad aren't blood Abbotts either?

Very cute scene with Nick/Sharon and the ice cream. Loved that they were going to watch "It Happened One Night." It's one of my favorite old movies(1934). Do you think a guilt ridden Sharon will confess to Nick the truth about J.T.?
Friday recap here [link]
So what are your thoughts about Friday's episode? Feel free to give a grade for it. Comments are very much appreciated.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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