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what the mind canít remember, the heart never forgets Thursday Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 03-May-2018 7:08:05 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Billy clashes with Kyle; Victoria is overwhelmed with guilt, and Phyllis does damage control.

Recaps here: [link]

Sounds like Phyllis is more afraid of Christine going after her than the rest of them. She's already gotten away with assault and deserves to spend more time in the pokey.(if not at the end of a poker). It's entirely possible JT actual cause of death is something related to his heart problem and Nikki just dazed him. But they can't do an autopsy on that when they find the body since it won't be in shape to show that much detail.

Kyle continues to be the worst son ever. Wish Jack's other son would return.

So will Sharon end up being the strong one?

Comments and/or grades appreciated.

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