The Sins of the Fathers

Written by Send Private Message FranWi on 02-Feb-2002 8:41 AM [#2]:

The hit is carried out and Zander is near death.

The hum and beeping of the machines filled the hospital room. Carly had been sitting next to Zander's bed since he was brought in... since Sonny brought him in.

She was still having trouble processing everything. Zander was Sonny's son?! She was pregnant with Zander's baby. And Zander was lying here with three gunshot wounds, clinging to life, because Sonny's jealousy got the better of him.

When Benny couldn't get a hold of the hitter, Sonny flew out of the penthouse, determined to stop what he started.

But he hadn't been able to stop it. He'd found Zander lying in a pool of blood, barely holding on.

And now Carly could lose the one and only good man in her life.

''Please, Zander, wake up,'' she whispered, holding onto his cold hand. ''I need you... We need you...''
What happens next?
Zander stirs and sucks in a ragged breath. ''Sonny,'' he rasps.
The heart monitor blares as Zander flatlines. Carly screams for help.

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