The Sins of the Fathers

Written by Send Private Message JudithRae on 09-Feb-2002 11:31 PM [#6]:

Zander stirs and sucks in a ragged breath. ''Sonny,'' he rasps.

''Sonny'' Zander said as he began to open his eyes.

''Zander, it's me Carly.'' Zander opened his eyes more and looked at Carly. ''Carly'' he let out with a smile. Sonny steps in and sees Carly and Zander and doesn't like it one bit. He clears his voice and lets his presence be know. Zander and Carly turn around. Zander looks at Carly and she knows to leave so they can talk

What happens next?
Sonny tells Zander he's his father
Sonny tells Zander he ordered the hit

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