The Sins of the Fathers

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The heart monitor blares as Zander flatlines. Carly screams for help.

Zander don't leave me. I cannot be alone again. You are a good person and your child should get to see that.

Sonny walks in. ''See Carly I told you, me and you are alike we always hurt the ones we love. If you would have just left Zander alone I would not have had to do this.''

Carly replies'' You didn't have to do this Sonny this is just what you wanted. Me alone and you controling me. And if it is not the way you wanted it you change it so it is. I HATE YOU.''

'' I am sure you do.'' replied Sonny just remember I am still the father of your child and you will never get away from me.''

''We shall see.'' replied Carly. ''I would rather AJ have Micheal than you after I have seen what you really are.''

''AJ will never get near my son and if you are not careful neither will you anymore.''
What happens next?
Carly picks up Micheal and heads to the airport
Carly calls AJ

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