The Sins of the Fathers

Written by Send Private Message Marty on 01-Feb-2002 8:11 PM [#1]:

The Sins of the Fathers

“I’m pregnant,” Carly whispered half aloud. Her nights with Zander had been stunning in their intensity and honesty. No hiding between them, no posturing, no deceit. Just simple loving—and loving it was. “I love him,” she whispered, awed by the discovery. Her mind dancing at the excitement of sharing her news with him, she paused, wondering how Sonny would accept the news. “Not that he has much choice,” she mused. “After all, we’re divorced.”

Meanwhile, Sonny stared at the woman standing before him, struggling to maintain his cool. He burst out with a string of explicatives shocking both of them. “No. That can’t be. No!” Then, his eyes widening at some horrible thought, he quickly made a call. “Tell Benny to call off the…um…job.”

Zander stared at the man standing before him. “A hit? Sonny doesn’t have the guts to do it himself?”

Alexis, standing just back of the woman in Sonny’s doorway, was stunned. “You’re his father and you’ve ordered a hit on him? Damn you, Sonny. I’ll see your miserable hide in prison if it’s the last thing I do.”

What happens next?
The hit is carried out and Zander is near death.
The hit is stopped by Mac.

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