AJ and Kristina - Taking A Chance On Love

Written by Send Private Message Crybaby on 01-Jul-2002 4:17 PM [#163]:

Kristina stops AJ's babbling and says YES!

''Yes, AJ! Yes! That is exactly how I feel,'' Kristina exclaimed, moving her hair out of her face.

''What? So...so you mean that you'll marry me?'' AJ asked.

''No, no, baby. I was just responding to your question. You were going on about how you were having second thoughts about going into marriage and that you weren't really ready.''

''Was I saying something out loud?'' AJ thought to himself.

Kristina clapped her hands once and then shot a look at AJ. She contemplated whether or not she should tell AJ that her heart wasn't completely devoted to him. Not wanting to hurt him and lead him on, she opted to be honest with him.

''AJ...I don't know how to tell you this, but...''
What happens next?
''I think that I'm falling in love with Ned.''
''I have fantasies...about other men...''

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