AJ and Kristina - Taking A Chance On Love

Written by Send Private Message yeahyeahyeah on 03-Mar-2002 4:00 PM [#3]:

Skye is estatic...

''Oh my God, AJ my best friend and my brother are getting married,'' says Skye. '' I am so happy for you two, let me talk to her.'' ''Hello?'' says Christina. ''Hi, I am so happy for you, so whos gonna be your maid of honor?'' says Skye. ''I decided to have you and Alexis.'' Skye says ''great, well I have to go now I'll see you later, okay?'' Kristina says ''Okay, Bye!'' ''Bye!'' Skye says. Kristina looks up from hanging up the phone, and sees a weird look on AJ's face. She asks him '' Whats wrong?'' ''Nothing, I'm just wondering how Courtney is going to handle this it's been 2 months since we broke up I'm wondering how she will take this.'' ''Courtney walks in the restaurant with Ned.
What happens next?
Courtney is upset to see AJ and Christina together
Courtney is over AJ and is happy for the two

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