"Lucky Penny" or "A Penny Saved....."

Written by Send Private Message luckylizfan4life on 12-Jan-2003 1:52 PM [#2]:

Ric enters and Penny smiles at her WSB partner

Ric- Hey Penny do you think I can get a cup of coffee to go?
Penny- That will be fifty cents
Ric- hold on one minute. (Ric goes into his pocket and takes out a small piece of paper) Here you go Penny. I gotta go bye guys.
Mac- So what's the deal?
Penny- Corinthos is having a meeting tonight with Faith Roscoe and Sammy Tagliati on the Elm Street Peer tonight and Ric is going to be there..

What happens next?
Ric is walking on the docks and see's Elizabeth crying.
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