"Lucky Penny" or "A Penny Saved....."

Written by Send Private Message luckylizfan4life on 12-Jan-2003 2:00 PM [#4]:

Ric is walking on the docks and see's Elizabeth crying.

Ric- Elizabeth what's wrong?
Liz- I just found out the guy I used to like is dating one of my so called friends and they didn't even have the nerve to tell me themselves.
Ric- I'm sorry is there anything I can do?
Elizabeth- No, but thank you.
Ric- May I ask you who the guy is?
Elizabeth- Jason Morgan.
Ric- Really?
Elizabeth- Yeah and he's so in love with Sonny sister Courtney.
Ric- Are you really good friends with Sonny Corinthos.
Elizabeth- Yeah we're close.
Ric- Elizabeth listen I gotta go I'm sorry. I hope you feel better.

What happens next?
Ric comes up with the perfect plan
Go to Jason and Courtney

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