"Lucky Penny" or "A Penny Saved....."

Written by Send Private Message SweetSteph306 on 29-Jan-2003 6:28 PM [#44]:

Call the fire department and try to find the waitresses.

Sonny rushed up to his little sister and helped her to a seat, guiding her motions as if she might break. ''Jesus, Courtney! Carly, get the girl some water, would you?'' Sonny bellowed.

''Courtney!'' AJ tried, only to be stopped by Sonny.

''You stay out of this,'' He growled, pointing a finger at AJ threateningly. ''You,'' Sonny nodded at Penny, who stood tilting her head, ''Call the fire department.''

''You got it,'' Penny mumbled, and then punched in 911. After making the quick call, she looked over her shoulder; AJ, Carly, Sonny, and Courtney were all preoccupied. She plunged bravely into the smoke-filled kitchen. ''Is anybody in here?!'' She coughed, squinting through the smoke. As she wafted the smoke out of her eyes and tried to ignore the blazing heat, she thought she spotted a crouched figure, trapped behind a fallen refridgerator.

Penny rushed up to the huddling being, and as she drew slowly nearer she heard small, frightened whimpering. ''Hello! Are you alright?!'' Penny called to the brunette woman who hid her head.

When the small lady lifted her head, Penny realized she was looking into the eyes of a terrified, trembling, and trapped Elizabeth Webber.

Penny then...
What happens next?
Rushes back out to summon Sonny for help
Stays with trapped Liz and tries to get her out as they wait for help to arrive

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