"Lucky Penny" or "A Penny Saved....."

Written by Send Private Message Leoruby on 12-Jan-2003 12:10 PM [#3]:

Sonny enters and Penny turns on a secret microphone

''What do you mean Leticia's sick? I told her not to visit Reginald in the hospital.'' Carly muttered as she entered after Sonny.

Sonny grinned. ''Hey, they're inseparable.'' Carly snorts. The smiles fade as they see AJ walking in, looking unusually happy. ''I think you should reconsider where you eat. You wouldn't want to have an accident, would you?''

Before Penny can react, a swirl of smoke comes from the back as Courtney runs out. ''Luke said that Laura set the kitchen on fire and ran off! I couldn't...'' Courtney sits down and starts to cough.

Penny decides to...
What happens next?
Call the fire department and try to find the waitresses.
Call the fire department and keep an eye on Sonny.

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