"Lucky Penny" or "A Penny Saved....."

Written by Send Private Message Marty on 12-Jan-2003 11:49 AM [#1]:

"Lucky Penny" or "A Penny Saved....."

One more night of working at Kelly's, and she thought she'd scream, but Penny maintained just the correct presence she needed in order to stay undercover. It was all in a day's work for the young agent currently working with the PCPD.

Who'd have thought that the Port Charles Cafe would be the crossroads for some of the most notorious criminals in the world? She smiled as her current contact entered the restaurant with his right hand man.

Mac smiled, ''One down and two to go.''
What happens next?
Ric enters and Penny smiles at her WSB partner
Sonny enters and Penny turns on a secret microphone

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