GH Reborn

Written by Send Private Message antelope on 05-May-2008 7:22 AM [#7]:

Emily is engaged to Dr. Ian Devlin, a really nice guy.

Emily Quartermaine sat in Kelly's diner drinking coffee and sharing dessert with Dr. Ian Devlin. She smiled across the table at him. Not only had he taken a special interest in mentoring her, but he had been there for her during the terrible time when Nikolas had first fallen ill. He had been the one to make her see reality, to understand that Nikolas would never wake up. He had helped her to let go.

Her cell phone rang, interrupting her thoughts. She looked at the caller ID. Elizabeth was calling.

''Hi Liz,'' Emily said into the phone. ''Don't even think about cancelling on me tonight. You know I need help with the catering menu.''

''Emily,'' Elizabeth said, ''this isn't about the wedding. It's about Nikolas. I don't know how to say this. But, Em, he's awake.''
What happens next?
Emily faints.
Emily runs out of Kelly's.

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