GH Reborn

Written by Send Private Message Stop_theMadness on 04-May-2008 6:26 PM [#4]:

Emily survived the sniper's bullets. Who knew she had a metal plate in her head?

She stirred, covering her eyes against the blinding sun rising outside the window.

<i>Where am I?</i> she thought.


<i>It can't be...</i> ''Zander?''

''Em, don't talk. The doctor said it was best for you to rest while you recover from surgery. You were lucky the plate they put in after the bus accident deflected the worst of the gunshots.''

''And you are''

''Bulletproof vest, Em. Obviously.''
What happens next?
Zander nurses Em back to health and she falls in love with him again
Helena kidnaps Emily when Zander is sleeping.

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