GH Reborn

Written by View Profile Send Private Message Jeff on 04-May-2008 5:56 PM [#2]:

Emily went on a world tour, trying to forget her lost love, Nikolas.

Nothing could assuage Emily's feelings of loss -- not her heavy drinking, not the resumption of her heroin habit, not even the anonymous lovemaking with dozens of strange men in all those seedy European hostels.

In the third month of her world tour, an exhausted Emily stopped in Bosnia to take a breather. Sadly, she was shot in the head twice by snipers during a meet-and-greet with Hillary Clinton, who escaped the sniper fire unscathed and went on to become Vice President of the United States.
What happens next?
Emily survived the sniper's bullets. Who knew she had a metal plate in her head?
Nikolas again mourns the loss of his beloved Emily.

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