GH Reborn

Written by Send Private Message Gigi on 04-May-2008 6:28 PM [#3]:

Nikolas again mourns the loss of his beloved Emily.

Nikolas went back home to Port Charles, hopeful that his son Spencer would be able to help him deal with his grief. But upon his arrival at Wyndemere, Nikolas discovered that his son had been eaten by a larger version of himself.

Nikolas tried to speak with this strange new changeling, but became terrified by the child's strength and size. Then Nikolas began to rapidly age himself, and decided he had been sharing space with the gargoyles for too long.

So Nikolas tossed the boat keys to his hulking son and ordered him to drive them to the mainland.

What happens next?
The Cassadines run into trouble on the boat.
Upon reaching the shore, Nikolas' tumor starts to act up again.

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