GH Reborn

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GH Reborn

Nikolas dragged himself out of the darkness, finally emerging into the light. He lay still, letting his mind clear while he tried to remember...oh yeah, surgery. Tumor. No more Emily. Wecome to hell, Nikolas, he thought.

Opening his eyes, he stared into the face of Georgie Jones. ''You're awake,'' she gasped.

A smile split lighted Nik's face and he said, ''I made it. I'm dead!''

At Georgie's startled look, he continued, ''I was really sorry that you were murdered by Diego, but hey...''

''Somebody get Dr. Drake, STAT,'' Georgie said. ''Nik's hallucinating.''

''Hey, I'm okay,'' Nik continued. ''Dead is good. Great, even.''

Georgie hurried to call Liz. ''Nik's awake, and I think he's in shock or something...''

''Who is going to tell him about Emily?'' Georgie asked Liz. ''She was told that his coma was permanent six months ago.''
What happens next?
Emily is engaged to Dr. Ian Devlin, a really nice guy.
Emily went on a world tour, trying to forget her lost love, Nikolas.

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