Who Whacked Sonny Corinthos?

Written by Send Private Message antelope on 05-May-2008 7:31 AM [#4]:

At Kellys Mack comes in and arrests Jason

''Here we go,'' Jason said as Mac and Lucky walked into Kelly's.

''What do we do, Jase?''

''Just stay quiet Carly. Don't answer any questions. Don't say anything.''

''Jason,'' Mac said. ''We're going to need you to come down to the station and answer some questions.''

''What's this about, Mac?''

''We want to talk to you about Sonny,'' Lucky said.

''Am I under arrest?''

''No,'' Mac said. ''Not yet. But you are a person of interest.''

Carly had sat quietly through this exchange, just as Jason had instructed. But all of a sudden she felt anger begin to bubble up inside of her. For years the police had been coming after her best-friend, trying to pin a crime - any crime - on him. And now they were after him for something she had done.

''Why don't you just leave him alone, Mac? Jason didn't do it.''

''What makes you say that, Carly?'' Mac asked. ''Is there something I need to know?''
What happens next?
Carly confesses.
Carly invents a spur of the moment alibi for Jason.

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