Who Whacked Sonny Corinthos?

Written by Send Private Message antelope on 19-May-2008 2:18 PM [#8]:

Claudia goes to the Police station and publicly demands protection and is loud

''I don't care if he is busy! I want to see Commissioner Scorpio NOW!'' Claudia screeched at the desk sergeant.

''What's going on here?'' Scott Baldwin asked emerging from his office. ''I can't concentrate with all this racket.''

''This woman wants to see Commissioner Scorpio,'' the sergeant said.

''Well,'' Scott said looking at Claudia in her short skimpy outfit, ''would the Special Prosecutor do?''

''Can you offer me protection?'' she asked.

''What kind of protection are we talking about?'' he asked.

''Witness protection,'' Claudia said. ''I know who killed Sonny Corinthos. That makes me a target.''

Scott grabbed Claudia by the elbow and led her into his office. He shut the door and pointed at a chair. Claudia sat while Scott paced the room.

''OK,'' Scott said. ''I will guarantee your safety. Now tell me who offed Corinthos.''
What happens next?
Claudia tells him it was Luke Spencer.
Claudia tells him it was her father.

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