Who Whacked Sonny Corinthos?

Written by Send Private Message Ms_HyperFiction on 04-May-2008 7:06 PM [#1]:

Who Whacked Sonny Corinthos?

Mac Scorpio stood looking down at the corpse of Sonny Corinthos and shook his head. ''He's finally dead,'' he told Lucky who stared in disbelief. ''His enemies finally caught up with him.''

''Two shots to the head--do you think that this was a professional hit?'' Lucky asked.

''Probably. And whoever did this made no attempt to hide it. None of this dumping the body in the lake of off some bridge. No, whoever did this wanted everybody to know that Sonny is dead and that he was murdered.''

''I wonder who did it?''

Mac shrugged. ''I don't know, but something tells me that it's going to get messy at the morgue soon.'' He sighed. ''We need to bring Jason in.''

Lucky asked, ''Why? You don't think he did it, do you?''

Jason trusted Sonny with his kid, made stupid choices and now Michael's in a permanent coma. You're a hitman. What would you do?''
What happens next?
Jason is busy securing an alibi with Claudia.
Carly is cleaning her gun. At least Sonny won't get Morgan killed.

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