The Return Of Brenda Barrett

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Jax is the Father

''There's a reason I named her Jane,'' Brenda said looking at Jax.

''You mean, she's mine?'' Jax asked.

He felt as if someone had knocked the wind out of him. He took a step back and braced himself against the lunch counter.

Brenda nodded and smiled at him. Jax shook his head, still trying to understand.

''I have a daughter,'' he said. ''I've had a child all this time.''

''Congratulations, Jax,'' Sonny said. He stared at Jax for a moment. Then he motioned for Jason and the two of them stepped outside.
What happens next?
Jax goes to the park to spend time with Brenda and Janie.
Brenda goes after Sonny.

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