The Return Of Brenda Barrett

Written by Send Private Message antelope on 05-May-2008 7:38 AM [#3]:

Carly walks in, heart-broken, and sees Brenda with a child.

Carly arrived at Kelly's but her mind was still with her little boy who was now alone in the hospital bed. Whatever Jax and Sonny wanted it better be quick. She didn't understand why they couldn't just meet at General Hospital.

As she walked through the door, she was stunned to see Jax and Sonny with a woman. This was not jsut any woman she realized. It was Brenda Barrett, and she had a little girl with her. Jax and Sonny both seemed to be enthralled with Brenda.

''Please tell me you did not drag me away from my son for this,'' Carly said.

''Hello, Carly,'' Brenda said. ''Nice to see you again. This is my daughter, Janie.''

''Janie,'' Carly repeated. ''Like Jane. Like Jax's mother.''

''That's right,'' Brenda replied. ''I named her after...
What happens next?
...her grandmother.'' of the greatest women I've ever known.''

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