The Return Of Brenda Barrett

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The Return Of Brenda Barrett

Jax and Sonny sat in Kelly's, waiting for Carly. ''She's never going to accept this,'' Sonny told Jax, ''But she's got to. Michael is not going to recover and we both know it.''

''She will accept it when she's ready to,'' Jax told him. ''We will have round-the-clock care for Michael until Carly is ready to let him go.''

''But Morgan?''

''Is no longer your concern,'' Jax said. ''You need to keep away.''

Sonny was ready to fight when the door to Kelly's opened and in walked Brenda. By her side was a little dark-haired girl. Brenda looked at both men and smiled to the child. ''Come on in, darling. These are some of Momma's old friends. Jax, Sonny, this is my daughter, Janie Barrett.''
What happens next?
Jason enters Kelly's, shocked to see Brenda with a child.
Carly walks in, heart-broken, and sees Brenda with a child.

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