The Match From Hell (Submitted by Marty)

Written by Send Private Message antelope on 09-May-2008 4:03 PM [#2]:

Johnny enters Sonny's study in time to see the kiss.

''Get your hands off her!'' Johnny exclaimed. He drew his gun.

Sonny and Lulu separated. Sonny began to question the wisdom of his decision to dismiss his bodyguards.

Lulu's eyes widened at the sight of Johnny's gun. She stepped in front of Sonny, protecting him from Johnny.

''What Sonny and I do is none of your business,'' Lulu said. ''You and I are over.''

''How can you be with him?'' Johnny asked. ''You don't want to be with me because I chose this life. Fine. But what kind of life do you think he lives?''

''Maybe I decided that when you truly love someone, none of that matters,'' Lulu said.

''You can't expect me to believe that you love him,'' Johnny whispered.

''I do,'' Lulu replied.

''If you tell me to leave, I will,'' Johnny said. ''But if you want a way out, Lulu, I'm it.''
What happens next?
Lulu tells Johnny to leave.
Sonny pulls his gun on Johnny.

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