The Match From Hell (Submitted by Marty)

Written by Send Private Message Zalia on 22-Feb-2011 9:33 PM [#17]:

Sonny yells at Lulu.

''See what you've done?'' Sonny yelled at Lulu. ''Why did you have to say something like that?''

''It won't work if it's a one time thing.'' Lulu explained. ''He has to believe that we're together- something that will never happen if you're seeing Kate.'' She bit her lip. ''Though I really didn't expect to get fired over it.''

Sonny snorted. ''Well, you certainly could have done that a lot better. Why couldn't you have said I was dumping her, instead of saying that I cheated? Or, better yet, given me even ONE MINUTE to explain to her? She could have been in on it!''

Sonny turned away from Lulu and started pacing. What had he gotten himself into? And just when his relationship with Kate was getting good...maybe he would try and get her back when this was all over. But for now...
What happens next?
Kate heard the yelling, and decides to come back to hear Sonny's explaination.
Sonny decides that he doesn't have any choice but to pretend he's with Lulu.

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