The Match From Hell (Submitted by Marty)

Written by Send Private Message Marty on 09-May-2008 4:16 PM [#3]:

Lulu tells Johnny to leave.

''My way out? Not likely. Your nutcase of a Dad is trying to force me to be with you, and that isn't going to work. No, Johnny, I've known Sonny for years and I trust him. Besides, why do you think that I was over here the other day when I kept you from shooting him?''

''You've been playing me all along? Like you played Logan?''

''I was trying to forget Sonny,'' Lulu said. ''But I can't.''

Sonny shrugged. ''What can I say? She's one fine lady, and I've quit fighting it.'' He pulled Lulu back against him. ''So leave, kid. Lulu has quit playing with the little boys.''

Lulu smirked at Johnny. ''Sonny doesn't burn hot and cold, Johnny. He's hot all the way through.''

In disgust, Johnny turned away. ''He just uses women and dumps them--he's like my Dad.''

People say I use men, so big deal,'' Lulu shot back. ''I get bored easily--you ought to know that. Now go away and leave me alone.''
What happens next?
Johnny leaves, disgusted with Lulu and with himself.
Spinelli is nearly catatonic with shock. He goes to Jason to explain.

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