The Match From Hell (Submitted by Marty)

Written by Send Private Message antelope on 19-May-2008 2:54 PM [#10]:

Kate walks in on Sonny and Lulu in time to see the kiss.

Kate stood in the doorway, shocked and speechless. She started to back out of the room, hoping that Sonny and Lulu would not notice her, but she was not paying attention and she knocked over a dark vase which shattered on the dark floor.

''Kate!'' Sonny exclaimed. ''I can explain.''

''Don't worry about it Sonny,'' Kate said. ''As long as you and Lulu only do it once, it's alright. I can come back tomorrow after you finish.''

''Don't bother coming back tomorrow,'' Lulu said. ''We've already done it lots and lots of times. Now we're going to do it again.''

''Well, then,'' Kate said icily. ''Sonny we are over. And Lulu, you are fired.''

She turned and stomped out the door.
What happens next?
Sonny yells at Lulu.
Sonny carries Lulu upstairs to his bedroom.

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