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Chat Room Guidelines

The soap chat rooms are for soap opera discussion only. If you want to chat about stuff other than the soaps, please visit the SoapZone Community chat room.

If someone else in the chat room claims that they are an actor or actress on a soap opera, don't believe them. Celebrity impersonators are not welcome here.

Please don't type in ALL CAPS. Typing in all caps is considered to be shouting.

Using the Chat Room

How do I receive messages?

  • Whenever you want to receive the latest in the conversation, click the Get/Send Message button, not your browser's Reload button. Any new conversation is sent to you, along with a few paragraphs you've already seen (for context). The new stuff appears near the top with an arrow pointing to it. If there is nothing new, you'll see the same last few paragraphs of the conversation.

  • When you first enter a chat room, you'll see only the most recent dozen messages. To scroll back in the conversation, choose the number of messages you want to review from the Scroll Back drop-down menu.

How can I make new messages appear automatically?

  • Click Set Chat Options. In the Chat Options window, put a checkmark in the Auto-Refresh box. In the Seconds box, type a number inicating how often you want the chat page to check for new messages (between 10 and 300 seconds). The default is every 15 seconds.

How do I send a message?

  • Type it into the box at the bottom of the window, then click Get/Send Message or press Enter.

How do I send a private message to one person?

  • Click a member's name in the name list on the right. A private message window appears. Type your message and click Send.

How do I block someone who's bothering me?

  • Click Set Chat Options. In the Chat Options window, type the person's member name in the Ignore box. You will no longer see messages posted by members you ignore. You can type more than one name in the box by separating each name with a space or a comma.

What if no one else is in the chat room?

  • Leave a message stating when you'll be back to chat. (Be sure to include your time zone!) That way others who see your message can join you at the specified time.

The chat transcripts are cleared daily at 2:00 AM Pacific time.