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Subscription Tips

Have a subscription, but don't remember when it expires? Click Account Info.

PayPal payments funded with a credit card are processed within a few minutes. Payments funded with an eCheck require four business days to process (this is a PayPal limitation); your account will be credited as soon as PayPal clears the eCheck. You can check your PayPal transaction log for your eCheck's expected clearing date.

On the PayPal payment page, please leave the "Message to Seller" box empty UNLESS you are paying for another member's subscription. If you leave the "Message to Seller" box empty, your payment will be processed immediately; otherwise, it will be processed as soon as Jeff checks his email. Thanks!

After paying via PayPal, do not change your username on SoapZone until the payment has been credited to your account.

Pay to post? What's this all about?

Read about our dilemma and answers to frequent questions.

What does it cost to post on the message boards?

30 Days - $3.00 90 Days - $8.10
6 Months - Holiday Discount - $10.00 1 Year - Holiday Discount - $20.00

H O L I D A Y   S P E C I A L !
$20 for one year OR $10 for six months
Offer available now through January 15, 2018
(Regular price: $24 for one year or $13.50 for six months)

How to pay...

Our suggested minimum payment amounts are just that -- suggestions. If you wish, you're more than welcome to pay more than the minimum!

To pay online with a credit card, click one of the buttons above. You'll be taken to PayPal's secure payment site where you can make your payment. Your SoapZone user name is automatically sent to PayPal, then gets sent back to us when your payment is confirmed.

And now, the fine print:

  • If you wish to send extra money to pay for another member's posting access, specify in PayPal's "Message to Seller" box (or in a note included with your check or money order) that member's user name and how much of your payment is for sponsorship of that member. If you want the sponsorship to be anonymous, please say so!

  • As long as your paid subscription is in effect, your account will not be deleted due to inactivity, even if it becomes inactive for more than 90 days.

  • Members are responsible for abiding by the Message Board Posting Guidelines. In the event that your account is suspended or terminated due to violations of the Posting Guidelines, no refund will be issued, nor will any credit be given for time suspended.

  • You participate at your own risk on the message boards. You take responsibility for postings under your user name and use the information provided on this site, including message boards, at your own risk. We take no responsibility for the content or opinions posted on message boards, chat rooms, and email.

  • We don't allow obscene, racist, or sexually explicit language. We reserve the right to remove postings that are defamatory, abusive, or hateful.

  • We reserve the right to remove any postings for any reason, or for no reason (although we have no duty to do so).

  • Payments submitted for less than the minimum suggested price will receive the next lower term, e.g., if you pay $13.00 for a six-month term which costs a minimum of $13.50, your subscription term will be set to 90 days, not six months.

  • Payments of less than $3.00 are automatically accepted by PayPal, but no posting privileges will be given for amounts less than $3.00.

  • Payments are not tax-deductible.

  • reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, or for no reason.