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News for the week of 01-Apr-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

This time around, the bosses seem to have focused on what matters most, keeping the cast and crew happy. A big part of that includes keeping creator Agnes Nixon on as story consultant, more than in name only. That wasn’t the case in the years before AMC’s 2011 cancellation, reported veteran actress Debbi Morgan (Angie). “Before we went off the air, this woman, who created this show, who is so brilliant with story, which made the mark for what ‘AMC’ had always been, was sort of shut out. She became, to me, less appreciated…. during the [former President of ABC Daytime] Brian Frons era. We can say it now! It was a shame and a sin for her to be treated that way and not be able to have her participation and her input into the show.” Another part involves keeping the cast actively involved in the evolution of their own stories. Jordi Vilasuso (Griffin) said they could go to the production team now with their ideas. “From Ginger, to Jeff, to Rick, this crew… you’re able to talk to them, whether it’s you have an idea or you want to share something. It’s like they know that everybody who signed on wants to do this for the right reasons and wants it to be a success. And I think that’s very important, having a great working environment and being happy about coming to work in the morning.” The smart move was in bringing back a lot of the crew members who were fired during the 2010 bi-coastal move. A shameful number of them had to go civilian as a result. Jill Larson (Opal) likes that they’ve been able to come back, along with the core cast. “We thought we might never see them again, and certainly, never thought that we’d be working together again. And then, to walk in and to see them all there and to hear their stories of where they’ve been since we saw them last — some of them were working at Home Depot, and this and that and the other thing — and you have the A-team. It’s all back.” –Soap Opera Network, March 22, 2013 interview by Kambra Clifford

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