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News for the week of 01-Jul-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Oprah Winfrey last week told soap fans that she finally heard them on Twitter and Facebook pleading for her to help, since the two struggling ABC Daytime soaps were taken off the air in 2011. She’s finally doing her part by re-airing Prospect Park’s rebooted AMC and OLTL on her OWN network, starting July 15. OWN picked up the Prospect Park/OnLine Network’s first 40 shows and will show them again for a limited, 10-week summer special. The episodes air Monday through Thursday, with AMC on at 1 p.m. ET/PT and OLTL, 3 p.m. ET/PT. With GH airing at 2 p.m. on ABC, none of the soaps will conflict.

Before the Oprah/OWN announcement came a scheduling change from Prospect Park. It would involve rolling out all new AMC and OLTL episodes on Monday, instead of spreading them out Monday through Thursday, starting July 1.

Michael E. Knight (Tad) said he’s open to returning. But right now, he’s enjoying his new role on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva as an asshole lawyer, Charles Van Horn. He’s excited because this is his first role as an asshole lawyer, and it gave him a chance to do his first in-court cross-exam. Watch for him July 14, Sunday, 9/8c.

Knight told TV Guide’s Michael Logan (June 27, 2013) that he’s open to making an AMC return, even if it’s only for a little bit. For sure I will be back. You know, the reason I didn't want to continue with AMC when Prospect Park took over was that I had done the show for 20 years straight and one move cross-country in two years was enough for me. I was tired! Plus I felt I had done everything there was to do on the show. I came back from the dead. I was twins. I had amnesia. I did everything but give birth and marry Erica! But I'm definitely up for a visit so, yeah, Tad will make his presence known in Pine Valley. Maybe not really soon but someday. And I mean that.”

Gossip for the week of 01-Jul-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Not all soap fans were aglow about Oprah Winfrey taking on AMC and OLTL reruns for her OWN network summer fling. Soap fans have long memories and hold grudges. These were the ones who remembered Winfrey refusing to save AMC and OLTL back in 2011 when ABC daytime decided to cancel. Wiser heads prevailed on Twitter, including Daytime Confidential’s staff, Jillian Bowe and Jamey Giddens, who had to remind these soap fans of the context of Winfrey’s original refusal. The woman may not have had the money to help the canceled soaps out just yet. She’s helping them now by airing their reruns, isn’t that enough? Are soap fans going to cut off their noses to spite their faces — out of pride?

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