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News for the week of 06-May-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Never mind the damned lawsuit against ABC/Disney. How about those numbers! AMC and OLTL hit the top of iTunes and Hulu the first day they premiered last Monday. AMC made it to the #1 spot on iTunes, with OLTL #3 in the TV seasons category. As episodes, AMC’s #5 and OLTL’s #6. Hulu listed the soaps as the most highly viewed of that day.

AMC and OLTL actors on Prospect Park/TOLN’s new online shows can submit themselves for Daytime Emmy consideration next year. This month sometime, the awards committee will figure out what kind of category to put them in.

Eden Riegel (Bianca) finds her AMC character on the other side of the mother-daughter coin in the new online version of the soap, which first aired to rave reviews and ratings last Monday. Her daughter Miranda will struggle in school with her mom’s gay reputation, putting Bianca in the position of Mona, not Erica. Returning to the soap in this new, edgy online venue has been a blessing. There’s a loosening of restrictions normally found in major network television, which results in more bad words — in context — and more realistic teen slang. While some mainstream critics found fault with the online AMC characters still sounding behind the times (Facebook is so 2009!), Riegel thought they sounded authentic. “They sound like authentic kids. We’re really catering to the fans this time, not catering to advertisers. This is really a fan-driven resurgence. It’s because the fans never gave up hope that this even happened,” she told Steven Lindsey of the Dallas Voice [April 26, 2013].

The new and improved AMC receives high marks from Thorsten Kaye (Zach). He told TV Line’s Matt Webb Mitovich [April 9, 2013] that now everything is run through a team instead of one dictator. It’s better for everyone all around. “I like the ‘open door’ policy that we now have, where if something doesn’t work, it’s a team trying to work it out, instead of somebody [on high] saying, ‘No, this is what I want.’ I think that’s going to make for better story.” Cady McClain (Dixie) is the biggest fan of the online AMC, where she’s employing a new acting technique and trying to portray Dixie from the 1990s, “very connected to her family trying to keep them together,” with a new job but not a new man. That space is reserved for Tad.

Gossip for the week of 06-May-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Michael Nader could revive Dimitri for an online AMC return. He was spotted at a NYC premiere for the soap revival. Is Dimitri the guy Jesse and Zach reach out to after Cassandra goes missing for a sex slave ring?

Unfortunately, despite impressive high ratings, high enough to attract mainstream media attention world-wide, AMC’s hokey, pathetic hipster dialogue couldn’t overcome lingering stereotypes. KIRO-FM personalities Luke Burbank and Tom Tangney (the movie critic) played a clip of SORAS’d A.J. and Miranda’s conversation, which aired in the premiere April 29th episode, then made fun of it as completely retro. As for myself, I could’ve done without the overacting of Opal’s and Dixie’s portrayers. It’s like they were screaming underneath their given lines, “Thank G-d I have my job back! I’m gonna chew it up!” That hokey, trying too hard to be hip dialogue amongst the supposedly contemporary teens A.J. and Miranda was what killed it for me completely until I had to click off. I won’t even get into the recap show Friday; how embarrassing.

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